Pinterest first launched 6+ years ago and along with millions of others I was addicted for quite some time. Pinterest now has 150 million monthly active users. Over that past few years, I have spent more time on other social media sites such as Facebook and Instagram but recently I reconnected with Pinterest and my love for pinning is back.

But this time my focus is a little different as I am now using Pinterest as a virtual tool and there are so many tips and checklists and ideas and boards and pins and followers and inspiration… I set it up for my virtual assistant business and it was so easy!

This is what I did…

  • I created a Pinterest business account called My VA Connection
  • I linked it to my website – My VA Connection
  • I created folders that are fun and inspirational
  • I searched for relevant pins and added them to the folders
  • And once again, I am in love with Pinterest!

Do you use Pinterest for your business?  If not, check out these tips from

Put Pinners first: Before you get started, consider what Pinners really care about. Check out your web analytics to see what they like best, or talk to them directly. Tailor your Pins for them.

Curate your collection: Create a few boards to start your collection. The very best boards are inspiring, with beautiful images that draw people in. They’re also about a specific topic, like travel or recipes.

Show what inspires you: Instead of just showing off your products, show what inspires them. Create boards for the ideas, places, people and moods behind your brand.

Be authentic: Use your boards to show your values, personality, and taste. It’s okay to get creative and be yourself. In fact, we recommend it!

Share your Pins: Once you’ve started to grow your community, you can promote your Pinterest account and even showcase your Pins on your own site.

Do you have a Pinterest business account?  

If you’d like some help setting up your Pinterest account, let me know. I’d be happy to set up your folders and find related pins for you to get you started.

If you are already using Pinterest, please share your account or your favorite board with me!


And don’t forget to follow My VA Connection!

Happy Pinning!!