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This is my story...

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My Clients are AMAZING! 

Tammy has been amazing to work with. So willing to learn MY systems, so able to take on any assignment and so easy to communicate with. I’d recommend Tammy to anyone and am so happy to have her on my team. Angela Wills

Laptop Lifestyle Blogger, Laptop Lifestyle Business Club

Tammy has been an invaluable assistant to my business for the past few years. In addition to providing me with ongoing office support, minute taking and bookkeeping services. cont... Mark Walton

Facilitator and Mediator, M. Walton & Associates Incorporated

I needed Tammy’s expertise on a recent project and the result was beyond my expectation. Quick, professional and so easy to do via email! I’m totally sold on the Virtual Assistant concept and recommend her services to any entrepreneur. Stacey Gateman

REALTOR®; Licensed Real Estate Sales Agent, Remax Chay Realty Inc., Brokerage

Not JUST an Elevator Speech…

I was reading an article this morning from Tracey D'Aviero; Founder of My VA Mentor and Owner of CAVA/GAVA. The article was great and one that felt like she was speaking directly to me as I have been looking at NEW ways to find NEW clients. Idea #5: Seek out a Local...

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Only ONE week left!

You REALLY mean a lot to me!  In ONE week the first month of 2017 will be over! All the resolutions people made will be in the past. All the promises to make a change will be but a memory. All the thoughts to get healthy will get put off to another Monday. BUT, it is...

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