You REALLY mean a lot to me! 

In ONE week the first month of 2017 will be over!
All the resolutions people made will be in the past.
All the promises to make a change will be but a memory.
All the thoughts to get healthy will get put off to another Monday.

BUT, it is not too late! It is never too late.

  • Keep pushing forward.
  • Keep starting again on Monday.
  • Keep making your dreams come true.
  • Keep making that change you want to see.

Only you can do that! Only you can be the BOSS of your life!
I have devoted 2017 to create and maintain more meaningful relationships and that is still in my present day and my future. I feel that relationships are the most important part of my life this year.

  • Relationships support me.
  • Relationships love me.
  • Relationships teach me.
  • Relationships also come and go.

Just over an hour ago I deleted over 100 people from my Facebook friends list. And at this moment I can’t remember any of their names. Why was I friends with these people? I am not sure. But if you are reading this, I have many reasons for being friends with you.


  • We are family.
  • We have known each other forever.
  • We work together.
  • We support each other.
  • We learn from each other.
  • We lean on each other.
  • We value each other.
  • We share stories and secrets.
  • We communicate.
  • We love each other.
  • We are friends.
  • We laugh together.
  • We have a meaningful relationship.

So thank you to all my amazing 450+ friends on my Facebook friends list. You have truly touched my life in some way and I look forward to many more years with you.

If you are one of those friends above, you might have even read this all the way to HERE! So, I would like to ask you to do 2 small things for me… (and I want to see who reads my posts)

1) Comment below and tell me how we know each other
2) Go to my NEW Facebook page and hit the LIKE button –

Cheers to 2017!
Cheers to my family and friends!
Cheers to being YOU!!

Always connected,

Tammy xo <3