My Clients are AMAZING!!

Tammy has been amazing to work with. So willing to learn MY systems, so able to take on any assignment and so easy to communicate with. I'd recommend Tammy to anyone and am so happy to have her on my team.

Angela Wills

Laptop Lifestyle Blogger, Laptop Lifestyle Business Club

Tammy has been an invaluable assistant to my business for the past few years. In addition to providing me with ongoing office support, minute taking and bookkeeping services, Tammy also assists me routinely with the management of facilitated sessions with my clients. Tammy always demonstrates a high level of professionalism that makes my job easier and a better experience for my clients. MyVA Connection is a valued partner for my business!

Mark Walton

Facilitator and Mediator, M. Walton & Associates Incorporated

I needed Tammy’s expertise on a recent project and the result was beyond my expectation. Quick, professional and so easy to do via email! I’m totally sold on the Virtual Assistant concept and recommend her services to any entrepreneur.

Stacey Gateman

REALTOR®; Licensed Real Estate Sales Agent , Remax Chay Realty Inc., Brokerage

As a psychologist, the last thing I am good at is any kind of administrative work. Yet, it is one of the most important aspects of business. I love that I can turn to Tammy when I need help with anything administrative and it is like she is magical...she just gets it done! I highly recommend Tammy and her VA business for anyone needing that extra help. I have no doubt she has improved my business by being great at hers. Diane Gibson

Psychologist, Diane M. Gibson - Online Therapy

Ever since reading Tim Ferriss’ “The 4 Hour Workweek” I had been considering hiring a virtual assistant. I explored some of the options recommended in that book - i.e. overseas agencies - but I was hesitant to use these services for a number of reasons. Being a psychiatrist I needed someone who was professional, who could be compliant with legislation around health record privacy, as well as someone who I would not have to spend hours to train. I was aware of Tammy’s organizational and communication skills from working with her several years ago. When she began working as a VA I took the leap and hired her on. We began working together 8 months ago and she has exceeded my expectations. She has come through for me too many times to count and my productivity has improved exponentially.
I would say that the relationship you have with your VA is vital to your success and you want someone who can respond to your needs and get the job done. Tammy is top notch in both of these areas and has become indispensable to me. I recommend her services without hesitation.

Nina Desjardins


Do you dream about having your own personal assistant?

Do you dream about having your own personal assistant?

Have you ever thought about how much easier your life would be if you let someone else take care of the phone calls, the appointments, the research, the shopping, the housekeeping, snow removal, the bookkeeping, the travel arrangements, finding a gardener, finding a...

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Not JUST an Elevator Speech…

Not JUST an Elevator Speech…

I was reading an article this morning from Tracey D'Aviero; Founder of My VA Mentor and Owner of CAVA/GAVA. The article was great and one that felt like she was speaking directly to me as I have been looking at NEW ways to find NEW clients. Idea #5: Seek out a Local...

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