My first cell phone was a Motorola flip phone that my mom bought me. There was no texting, no camera and no social media back then but I still thought that I was pretty cool and would actually talk on it while I was driving. So lame…
Then I upgraded to a beautiful, shiny, red Blackberry. I loved that phone. The keyboard was amazing. That was the only phone that I ever dropped in the toilet and thankfully a bag of rice saved that one. LOL
After a few years, I switched to iPhone and I hated it at first. The keyboard was the worst part. I loved the BB keyboard and now this touchscreen was so hard to get used to. But it wasn’t long before I was used to and loving it and I have been an iPhone user for the past 7 years.

I have been using the iPhone 6 for the past 2+ years and it was great. In October of last year, I was due for an upgrade and I am one of those people that need the latest iPhone but I wasn’t crazy about the new upgrade to the iPhone 7. It looks the same as my iPhone 6 but with no audio jack! What? I still use one of those in my car! LOL So, yesterday I went to Rogers with full intentions of getting the new iPhone 7 but I was going to get the iPhone 7+ just to be different. I got there and had a few minutes to look around. I thought maybe it is time for a drastic change….

And drastic change (for me anyway) I did! I am now the proud owner of the Pixel phone by Google. Its new, it’s cool, it’s pretty. I have so much to learn, so much to setup, so many different features to setup but so far, so good. The salesman told me these are the phones all the ‘nerds’ are using which I actually think is pretty awesome!

I have always loved technology
I have always loved new gadgets
I love setting up something new
I love learning something new
Love having a new techie toy
Love a challenge ❤

As a Virtual Assistant and the owner of My VA Connection, I am on my cell phone A LOT. I use it every day in my business. There are so many things that I can do on my phone that I can also access from my laptop.

I can type an entire document and save to Google docs
I can update my email campaign on the MailChimp app
I can reply to my email and my client’s email
I can create images and update my IG account with PicMonkey
I can keep in contact with my clients and with my groups
I can update my blog posts in HootSuite
I can setup the same apps on my phone as my laptop

Almost anything I do on my laptop, I can do on my phone. This makes my life so much easier and makes my VA business run so much smoother when I am away from the office.

My point is, don’t be afraid to make a change. I have always loved change. I think change is necessary for growth. I think that if you embrace change it can be inspiring and good for the soul and the mind. Change makes you step outside of your box. It gives you some sort of strength and power. If nothing ever changed, imagine how boring this wonderful world would be!

So get out there and be the nerd!
Get out there and make the change!
Go and buy the new phone!

Change is good… xo

Always connected,


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