This question doesn’t just apply to your business or your workplace, it also refers to your home and personal relationships. 

  • Do you lead people or a team?
  • Do you lead with consideration and explanation?
  • Do you encourage and develop your team?
  • Do you motivate and inspire your team? 

Being or becoming a good leader can really help you to make a name for yourself.  It will also allow you to become the leader in your industry which will allow you to enjoy more opportunities and have far fewer challenges whether it is with your team, clients, staff, your family or your partner. 

 I am sure that many of you are also the leader of your home too and having the right skills can help you to communicate better which will also help you to get better results.

Take advantage of these ideas and become a more effective leader: 

Lead by example
A leader is out in front showing the way
A leader is involved

Leaders are driven by a purpose and there is an overall goal or mission
The people following the leader are inspired and empowered
The people understand the mission
They provide context to get the job done right

Leaders delegate
A leader trusts their people
A leader surrounds themselves with people that complement them

Leaders value respect
A leader will use enthusiasm, skill, and expertise to encourage others
Leaders have the best wishes of their followers

A leader develops new leaders
A true leader is constantly creating more leaders with their knowledge and experience

Leaders know how to motivate
They know that no two employees are the same
They know their people well enough to know how to inspire them
Leaders use positive techniques for motivation

Who comes to mind when you think about Leadership?  Is it people that you have worked for, is it people in uniform, or is it people that lead our country?

  • How about mom’s and dad’s that lead our families?
  • How about entrepreneurs that lead their own business?
  • How about people that lead their own business in MLM or Direct Sales?
  • How about a coach that leads you to a better life or business?
  • How about you as a friend leading your bff to make the right decisions?
  • How about those that lead networking and support groups?

Do any of these ring a bell in your life or your world?  There are so many people that lead but they don’t have the confidence to call themselves LEADERS!

I struggled with this myself and didn’t even realize how many leadership roles I had until recently when I became the Leader of FemCity Midland.

  • All these years as a mom I was leading my children to be the amazing people they are today
  • All these years as an entrepreneur, I was leading my business to be better for my clients and myself
  • All these years as a Facebook community manager and founder of the VA BFF group I was supporting other VA’s
  • All these years as a friend, I was supporting my girlfriends to be who they wanted to be by just listening to them
  • All these years as a partner, I was supporting my boyfriend to make him more confident and strong
  • All these years working in MLM, I have loved the side business and the different products I have gained knowledge in

I am sure that you all have your own list too.  Without good leaders, there is no direction.  Imagine this world for a minute – it’s scary.  WE NEED LEADERS!

Whether it is in business, friendship, networking/support groups, or parenting – the world needs more people to stand up and say – “I am a LEADER”! 

When I realized how many leadership roles I actually have, I was inspired to be a better one!  I was inspired to be more confident and to share this experience.  Through my research, I came across so many other people that need to be okay with this role and this title.  So, I created a FREE Guide for you – ‘Developing your Leadership Skills to Boost Your Potential and Your Influence’ and I am so happy to share this with you today!

This FREE Guide will teach you:

  • The 5 features of a good leader
  • Why leadership skills are important in life
  • Why traditional leadership fails
  • Developing your leadership skills
  • Common mistakes and how to fix them
  • What to do next
  • And a Special Bonus – The Leadership Planner

Click here to get the FREE Leadership Skills Guide today!  You will receive an instant download.

I hope you will gain the confidence to start standing up and shouting: I am the LEADER!

Always connected,

Tammy <3

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